Christmas, Diwali, Pongal and Ramzan are celebrated in a grand manner in MNC every year. Santa visited us on 23rd December 2014 before the Christmas holidays. It was fun and frolic all the way. Children of MNC enacted the birth of Jesus dressed up aptly for the occasion. The baby in the manger and the kings with the presents for baby Jesus was so real that it took everyone by surprise. Santa came with lots of presents for both the children and the mothers and the joy on the faces of the children was a sight to see. We had a big Christmas tree decorated and lit up by the mothers. Festivals like this bring out the best in the mothers and gives them confidence. The planning of the skit, the preparation of the dresses, tutoring the children, and the rehearsals spread comradeship and love among all at the centre.

Pongal arrived on 10th of January 2014. There was the colorful Rangoli in the front yard and Pongal was cooked in the traditional way in a big pot. Sugarcanes adorned the front door and the mothers took part in the Rangoli competition. Everyone was dressed up and songs were sung. Pongal was distributed to all gathered and everyone had fun eating the tasty pongal.

Diwali was celebrated on Oct 20th 2014. The fancy dress competition was the highlight of Diwali. The children were dressed as Krishna, Radha, King and others characters. Every child was declared a winner. Sweets were distributed to all and a symbolic earthen lamp was lit by every parent and left on the yard of the school. Harmless crackers were distributed and the children and their mothers had fun watching the crackers sparkle in the yard.

Ramzan was celebrated on July 29, 2014. One of our parents had invited the head of the Durgah she belongs to and he gave us quotes from the Quran to be followed in our daily life. He also explained the significance of the Ramzan fasting and the brotherhood which the festival emphasizes. Songs were sung and sweets were distributed.

Festivals Photo Gallery

All set for the Christmas celebrations

The children of MNC enacting the birth of Jesus

Pongal 2014! Pongal preparation led by Mrs. Vimala Kannan and consisting of Ms. Sumitra, Ms. Sarojini, Ms. Sumathi & Ms. M. Peria Nayagi. Also participated by Ms. Bhavani & Mrs. Jeyasree

Pongal Rangoli competition - This Kolam confirms to the theme Kalley Ratinam and depicts the 9 stones. It was drawn by Mrs. Vasanthamma of MNC & Mrs. Satya

Children, parents and staff at MNC celebrated Diwali with a special programme. Later all the children were given harmless crackers. In this picture, parents are seen enjoying the fireworks.

Little Kabir dressed as Krishna on Diwali day

Parents are seen singing a group song on the occasion of Ramzan