Government Projects

MNC reaches out beyond Chennai partnering in Government of Tamilnadu Projects.

National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and the State Health Society, Tamilnadu(SHS TN)

A pilot project was mooted between The State Health Society–Tamilnadu (SHS TN) a part of Government of Tamilnadu, Department of Health and Family Welfare acting as the Nodal Agency for National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to implement the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Project Phase – II program in the State of Tamilnadu and MNC. The project aims “to strengthen and expand preventive services of the existing health system by establishment of Early Intervention Centers in two districts (Thoothukudi and Cuddalore) for management of screened cases of newborn, infants and children with birth defects and facilitate referral services after detection of disabilities in collaboration with Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children as a strategy”.

Role of MNC

Mentoring, this includes,

  • Provision of early intervention services to children with mental retardation through a systematic program
  • Supervision and monitoring consultant for the NGO in the project
  • Providing Human And Material Resources for Programme Implementation.

Establishment of EICs as Fully Functional Units:

  • Training of Medical Officers and Other Personnel from the PHCs in the respective districts by preparing Training Modules and conducting Workshops for Training
  • Recruitment of Special Educators simultaneously and positioning them at MNC for a period of three months as internees before posting them at the EICs
  • Equipping each of the Centers with the required training materials needed for the provision of early intervention services, including the equipment needed for therapy.
  • Installing, in each EIC, computer systems with the Software UPANEETA – for documenting the manually recorded data, into the system.

The EICs are fully functional from 2012 and are providing Early Intervention Services to the rural public who otherwise would have to come to the city for such services.

Government Early Intervention Centre

The Government of Tamilnadu with a vision on the need and importance of Early Intervention Centers for Children with mental disabilities planned for Early Intervention Centers to be established one in each district in the year 2007. MNC was identified by the office of the State Commissioner for the Disabled Persons, Government of Tamilnadu as the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to start an Early Intervention Centre at Chennai, and is a beneficiary of their aid to support such a programme.

As on date, 43 children have been enrolled in the centre, located in our premises. The facilities that MNC children enjoy are all extended to them. Apart from Intervention through Upanayan they are included in Therapy, Yoga, Nutrition projects of the Centre, Outings, and Medical Check up and get to participate in all MNC functions.

Early Intervention Centre for Autism at State Resource Training Centre at K K Nagar, Chennai

In the year 2012 the State Commissioner for Differently Abled, had selected MNC to establish an Early Intervention Centre for Autism at State Resource Training Centre, K K Nagar, Chennai 600078. 44 children are enrolled in this centre from nearby and far off places. MNC is the mentor for the centre. The special educators and staff have been trained by MNC in the implementation of Upanayan Early Intervention Programme Weekly visits by the senior special educators of out centre ensures that assessment forms are filled properly, Individualized Education Programmes have been drawn properly and implemented in the right way. Evaluation is done periodically by the Principal or the Coordinator Programme Implementation and recorded. The progress of the children is monitored for mainstreaming. Special educators are included in the refresher courses conducted by MNC and they bring their problems to MNC for solutions.

MOU between MNC and SSA 2018-2019 for Training Special Educators / Therapists

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Office of the Project Director, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, (SSA) Tamilnadu and Madhuram Narayanan Center for Exceptional Children (MNC) on the 5th of March 2018, for Training the Special Educators and therapists from the Early Intervention Centers in the Blocks of the 32 Districts in Tamilnadu under the banner of Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan. The two main objectives of the MOU were :

  • To Augment the teaching and training skills of the Special Educators attached to the Early Intervention Centres under the SSA, TN, to train them in coordinating with the therapists in making the interventions programme at every center holistic and effective; to motivate them in planning new techniques in making the learning process interesting to the parents so that their role as a carryover agent becomes more meaningful and to plan with the parents in reaching out to every child in need of services in the area.

  • To identify during the training process, suitable candidate who would take on the responsibility in their roles as Aasaans to counsel, guide and coordinate with all the other staff members in each center, towards the expedience, efficiency and effectiveness in utilizing the benefits of the experiences of the five day training programme in their practical application at the centre.

The training started in all earnestness on the 2nd of April 2018. 16 batches of 40 participants (both Special Educators and Therapists) were slated to receive the training over the next one year. The project is being carried out with much enthusiasm on both sides and we hope to complete the training by July 2019.

Government Autism Centres

One of the announcements made by the Honorable Minister for Social Welfare on the floor of the TN Assembly 2018-19 is that Early Intervention Centers for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder will be established in all districts in a phased manner over a period of two year and in the phase One centers will be established in 14 districts during the year 2018-2019.

14 NGOs were selected by the Government who will establish the Early Intervention Center for Autism in their district as per the guidelines prescribed by Government of India. A certificate indicating the diagnosis will be given by the Medical Board at the District level for the children to get intervention from these centers without any cost.

It is matter of great pride and honor that MNC was selected as the Nodal agency to train the Special Educators/Therapists of the newly established Early Intervention Centres - Autism and to be the monitoring agency for the scheme. For the first time the Government of Tamilnadu has decided to use UPANEETA – a software developed by MNC for recording the registration of the child into the centre, intervention given, progress made, quarterly assessments, and periodical evaluations of the child. The training to use the software will be imparted by MNC.

The training was completed between the 11th and 15th of February 2019 and the Centres are being established.

A small step to help children with ASD and MNC is proud that we are partnering with the Government all the way.