Mission | Values | Objectives

Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives of the Centre continue to guide and inspire the organization in its work.


  • To provide services in early detection, identification and intervention in Intellectual Disability
  • To empower parents and family members in the care and management of children with disability
  • Running a Training Academy to conduct recognized courses in Special Education


  • Reaching early intervention services to every child with Intellectual Disability and associated conditions


  • Zero rejection at entry level of any child with intellectual disability
  • Openness to developments and innovation in technology in the field of special education
  • Adaptability to the growing needs of inclusion in the community


Objective 1. Providing Early Intervention Services for the Habilitation of the Child with Intellectual Disability through :

  • Early Detection through Direct Communication & Referrals
  • Early Identification using UPANAYAN Assessment Tool
  • Implementation of The Early Intervention Program UPANAYAN
  • Providing Support Systems through the Projects - Sanmargam, Annapoorna, Sankarshana, Sambhavam, Samyam
  • Establish a Montessori Unit at the Centre to create a Pre-School environment prior to Education in mainstream school

Objective 2. Rehabilitation of Parents and Their Empowerment through

  • Training Programmes
  • Planning and Conducting Event
  • Conducting Early Childhood Special Education Diploma Course

Objective 3. Creating Awareness on the Importance of Early Detection / Early Intervention by Conducting Events

  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • Effective media communication
  • MNC Website

Objective 4. Conducting Outreach Programs through :

  • Partnership with Tamilnadu State Government
  • Government Schemes and in programs conducted for Special Schools

Objective 5. Create professionals in Special Education through :

  • Offering accredited courses offered by the Rehabilitation Council of India
  • In house Refresher/Orientation Courses to Staff/Parents

Objective 6. Moving forward :

  • Preparing children with early intervention experiences, training them in developing skills towards their employability in their adult years, on an experimental basis.
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