An alumni of Children and Parents of MNC

SANKARSHANA, meaning, "bringing together" was conceived to bring together children who had on certain compulsions dropped off from the program, to look at their current needs and provide advice to the parents.

Aim of the Project:

  • To continue to having a lasting "link" with every child who has had early intervention at the Centre and inquire into their welfare, provide information on the current happenings in the field, including what benefits they are eligible for and what their current needs are.


Organizing home visits, contacting the parents through telephone, and by mail.

Conducting meetings - Over 120 children now in their adult years have been contacted; their parents have been made members of a forum.

Form a forum of members consisting of parents, and member representatives from Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children to meet and strengthen the association so that the children get guidance on all matters pertaining to their education, rights, opportunities and benefits due to them.

What We Do