Upanayan Early Intervention Programme

An Early Intervention Programme

Upanayan is a systematic, structured programme for the management and training of children with developmental delays/mental retardation. The programme was developed and designed to suit the Indian socio-economic conditions and cultural milieu. The programme has been developed for managing children with different types of developmental delays besides mental retardation, considering the strengths of each child and treating each child as an unique one. In this programme, the mother as an educator of her child leads him/her along the path of development. In the process, she is advised and guided by experts and evolves as a carryover agent, co-educator, and a co-therapist for her child. In many situations the father, the grandparents and close relatives of the child are also totally involved and "lead" the child along.

Upanayan – Birth to Two Years

This programme encompasses five developmental areas:

  • Motor
  • Self Help
  • Language
  • Cognition
  • Socialization
Under each of the above areas, 50 discrete behavioural skills have been identified as the optimal ones to cover the daily activities of a child of this age group [birth to 2 years]. The activities have been planned to train children in the various skills in the household setting of an average Indian home. The mother, a sibling or any other member of the family is the trainer.

Upanayan – Two+ to 6 years

This part of the programme [age group 2+ to 6], includes advanced skills set under each of the 12 areas mentioned below.

  • Communication
  • Self care mealtime activities
  • Self care personal daily activities
  • Home living
  • Social relationships
  • Community use
  • Self direction
  • Health and safety
  • Functional academics reading and writing
  • Functional academics numbers
  • Leisure
  • Work
Along with the early intervention training programme, Yoga, Pranic Healing and other alternative therapies that aid in controlling conditions such as drooling, lack of concentration and hyperactivity are also practiced at the Centre.

The resource material for all the activities which the skills encompass, are from the time tested child care legacies handed down by the elder members of the Indian extended family as well as from those in current practice in India and overseas.

Dissemination of the Programme

Madhuram Narayanan Centre has also been engaged in disseminating the Upanayan programme across the country and motivating other voluntary organizations to establish special schools for providing Early Intervention services. Upanayan is now in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi languages. The Centre is in the process of translating the programme to other Indian languages and disseminating the same through workshops. For more enquiries on Upanayan contact us.

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