MNC during Lockdown

While many of us are working from home, catching up on the latest news, spending quality time with our family, at the comfort of our homes during this lockdown, there are also many people who aren’t as fortunate. There are people out there who can’t afford freshly cooked meals even once a day; their earnings have taken a massive drop and this lockdown has ended up being a very stressful time for them. But here’s where MNC is trying to make a difference and bring a smile on their faces during this trying time.

MNC has taken efforts to contact well wishers and regular donors who have helped us always, to get provision bags for the needy. Bags containing rice, pulses, cereals and dry vegetables were made ready and distributed to parents at their door step. A little help goes a long way.

BhoomikaTrust helps our parents:

Ms. Aruna Subramaniam

Mr. N Kumar, Vice President, Sanmar Group, Mrs. Bhavani Kumar, Mr. Visweswaran, Mrs. Madhura and other very close friends and well wishers of the family as usual, were at the forefront spontaneously to help MNC parents and children. All of them personally donated for the ration bags that were distributed to the parents who were daily wagers, to tide over the current lockdown which rendered them jobless.

They also coordinated with Bhoomika Trust who showed exceptional concern in not only helping our parents with the ration, but made sure that the quantities far exceeded the parents expectations. They also additionaly provided, protein rich pulses, jaggery and others items on the grocery that were used by the parents for children with special needs to prepare sundal, Kanji etc. This gesture says all about Bhoomika and its Managing trustee Mrs. Aruna Subramanium’s philanthrophy to tailor make the donations to the beneficiaries’ needs.

A mere thank you is very inadequate to Mrs. Aruna Subramanium of Bhoomika Trust. The trust has worked extensively with victims of disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat, the Tsunami in South India, Uttrakand flood, J & K flood, Chennai flood of Dec 2015, Cyclone Vardah, Odisha floods, Assam and Bihar Floods.

We give below the feedback from the parents who received help.
Parents of :

Parents act as perfect Carry over Agents at home:

Stuck with their children at home, unable to take them out for a breath of fresh air, the parent’s burden has increased many folds under the lockdown.

The lockdown has disrupted the order and structure that the children with special needs require. Our special educators and parents are trying to bring that back. A certain amount of structure and proceeding in a predictable planned manner helps persons with intellectual disabilities to function better. Where there are major changes to this structure or schedule, they may find it difficult to adapt initially. The solution is to create a new routine that is comfortable for the child.

Our parents use visuals and videos to explain about the Corona virus and its hazards as well as the personal safety procedures to be followed like hand washing, mask, social distancing. The child needs to be taught these new habits. Our parents smartly convert the skills taught into activities of daily living in their home situations keeping in mind the ability of the child. This proves that they act as very good carry over agents at home. They are advised to create a new schedule at home and include a comfortable flow of household chores, creative activities, and indoor fitness routines.

Under the guidance of the class teachers the parents are told to make a list of...

Once all this is in place, put down the time slots for what has been planned and the people who will supervise or be with the child to complete the activities

When they cope well or complete their task, boost their self esteem by taking photographs or videos of their achievements.

Parents make videos of the children carrying out the activities and send it to the teachers. Teachers forward it to their group heads, who give feedback and this is given to the parents to work on. Then they upload it on the common group. Get feedback in the common group. In the common group, activities are shared. These ideas are given to the parents by the class teachers.

Now for COVID 19, focus is on hand washing and wearing mask. While the parents may not have the equipment or skills needed to implement the whole program at home, certainly with some adaptations and online support from the therapist or teachers, they can work on their child’s individual goals. The best thing is to reach out to the specific teacher or therapist for support rather than looking up generic content online which may or may not be appropriate for their child.