Sambhavam in Sanskrit means 'EVENT', and in the context of learning at MNC, experiencing an event in real life situations reinforces the skills learnt in the school environment. This program is planned to enhance the skills taught in the classroom and specifically to assist children to:

  • Learn from real life experiences by planning of events outside school environment
  • Learn from peers
  • Reinforce learnt skills
  • Generalize skills in performing activities of daily living


  • A specific theme is selected for each quarter of the academic year
  • Teachers plan the activity with parents and select the venue (for example parks, shopping malls)
  • The activity is carried out and recorded on video
  • Children are shown this video the next day to help them recall activities performed
  • Charts and props are prepared by children, parents and teachers together for a re-enactment of the visit
  • Reinforce skills generalized by visiting the venue again
  • Give a demonstration of the activities by recreating the scene.
What We Do